Friday, January 3, 2014

Advent Practical Life

This post is way overdue! At the beginning of December, I met with Deb and Sarah to see the practical life they were putting together for Advent in the Good Shepherd Atrium. They did a great job and I took pictures to share on the blog, but in the busyness of the holidays I failed to post them. So today, as Deb and Sarah put together the practical life shelves for the very short season of Christmas, I am finally getting these pictures out to you!! 

Thank you so much Deb and Sarah for all the skill you bring and time you put into making our atria materials beautiful and meaningful!

Sorting beautiful blue beads.

Attaching clothes pins.

Using tongs.

Beginning sewing.


Scooping and pouring.

Buttoning and unbuttoning. We have made a set of these which includes each of the
seasonal colors and will add more when the children learn the skill of buttoning!

Nativity Nesting doll set. I wish I had a picture of them separated. The children love them! 

Here is Deb hard at work!

The left shelf.

The right shelf.

Deb has a green thumb and always has something beautiful growing in the atrium!
To learn more about why we have practical life in the atrium check out this post!


  1. Where'd you get the Nativity Nesting dolls?

    1. Hi Ticia, Its been so long I can't remember! I believe I bought them online from a small shop. But here is a link to the same set on amazon:


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