Friday, February 14, 2014


On Sunday evening we gathered for an Epiphelmas service at Christ Church! The idea for an Epiphelmas service was brought to our Church from England by our previous Choir Director and this was our second time offering it. I have to say - I'm in love!

Similar to a Service of Lessons and Carols, this service highlights some of the major moments of the Epiphany season, beginning with the Visit of the Magi and ending with the Presentation at the Temple. Each moment was celebrated with a reading of the scriptural account, poetry, an anthem by the Choir and a hymn. We also reaffirmed our Baptismal vows after hearing the account of Jesus' baptism by John and were sprinkled with Holy Water by our priest.

The service ends with candlelight, echoing the Church's practice at Candlemas, as we remembered the Presentation at the Temple.

Although we hadn't advertised it as such, this is a lovely service for children. Many of the stories we read were ones that children in our atria know, and with Rev. Peter dousing us with water and each of us holding a lit candle there was a lot going on! Luckily one wonderful family did attend, and I loved capturing a few photos of their girls.

It was a beautiful service and I look forward to celebrating it again next year!