Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blessing of the Animals 2013

We had a wonderful celebration of St. Francis's feast day early in October! The service of Holy Eucharist was enhanced with an animal blessing and some exotic animal visitors. I have been so busy I forgot to post the pictures. Here are some photos to give you a feel for this wonder-filled service!

Many dogs raised their voices in song this year!
We had a great group of dogs, a number of cats, and some rodents too!
Sandy loves Church!
Our preacher Carol and her support team.
My dog Sydney enjoyed the service tremendously!
Carol our preacher, Rev. Peter our celebrant, and friends!
Our Christ Church girls are not afraid of spiders!
Look at that smile!
All creatures great and small...
The exotic animal parade!
Rev. Peter could not get far enough away from this snake!
This wallaby youngster was in its mother's pouch
at last year's blessing!
The Yak! It took a little coaxing to get him down the aisle
and then he didn't want to leave.
What a beauty!
At the end of the service animals came
 forward with their family for a blessing.


  1. As part of my training I helped my church in England to plan a pet service. Most internet resources I found were from The Episcopal Church (or individual parishes thereof). One advised, "I don't actually touch the fish when I bless them, just the water". ;)

    Several Londoners said they'd been to pet services before, but for our parish it was very much a first. We had a small turnout, with a few dogs and cats, a couple of mice, and a ferret. But those who came seemed pleased, both "man and beast".

    Did Rev. Peter bless and touch the snake?

    1. Lol! Great advice on the water!!!!! As far as I could tell Rev. Peter didn't come within 10 feet of the snake! I didn't see it but saw a picture of Rev. Melanie (who is an adjunct priest at our Church) rubbing the tail and praying so I don't think he was neglected!!!! It really is a fun service every year! Did you see my good looking dog in the photos? This is her international debut!


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