Saturday, September 8, 2012

Homecoming Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we gather for our Homecoming Celebration! Our service begins at 10:30 am but all are welcome at 10:15 am to bless the new Food Pantry. Join us after Church for lunch and a Ministry Fair! There will be crafts for children and family friendly games! Bring five items to donate to the Food Pantry (or pay $5 per ticket) for a chance to win a raffle with some great prizes! I'll be on hand so that you can register children for Christian Formation, and if you have a child new to the Good Shepherd Atrium you can sign up for Parent and Child Orientations.

Thanks to the amazing cleaning crew who tackled the Good Shepherd Atrium today - Christina and Sydney, Shawn and Alexandra, Kate and Garet, Kathleen and Lauryn, Lynette, Greyson, and Reece, and our fearless leader Deb! We were so busy working, I hardly had time for pictures. But here are a few for you to enjoy!

Wiping down the shelves.

So many tiny pieces to clean.

We used a lot of vinegar and water.

Everyone had a bucket.

We had a lot of dirty silver to polish.

We found a little time to play.

And thanks to Deb there were DONUTS!

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  1. My heart rose when I saw that you encourage children, as well as adults, to help you prepare the rooms by cleaning. :)


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