Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Behind These Doors...

We keep all of our practical life supplies in this closet in the Good Shepherd Atrium. It's incredible what a mess it can become! To be honest, I am usually the person to blame for the disaster. I always seem to be changing practical life works in a hurry!
A few weeks ago I stopped in the Good Shepherd Atrium after Church and found Lynette bringing order out of chaos! She had ALL of the materials out of the closet and rearranged everything!

Now we have materials sorted by season...

...and by type!
Trays are stacked...
...and glassware is together!
What a blessing!

Thank you Lynette for your ministry with our children 
for having a label maker and being willing to use it!!!


  1. Isn't it great also to have someone take the initiative! (Ok, occasionally that can lead to a little conflict, but usually it's a great thing.) Well done, Lynette!

    1. :) So true Storyteller, but I agree - generally it is a great thing!

  2. I need a Lynette!! Can you loan her out?

    1.! :) Although for a free trip to Germany she might agree! ;)

  3. lovely! would love to hear more about how you trade out practical life - we have not changed ours out much. Do you just adjust the colors of items seasonally? What types of practical life do you include?

    1. Hi Anna! I don't know if you have seen some of the practical life pictures on the blog before. You can go to the link below and scroll down a bit to see last year's Easter, Lent, and ordinary time practical life:
      We try to change our practical life seasonally (with special attention paid to the liturgical color and the themes of the season- natural objects for Lent,Easter symbols like baptism and paschal candle in Easter. I've made some works based on other ideas I've seen on the web that incorporate liturgical colors and symbols. We also try to bump up the difficulty of works as the year goes on - pouring big beans, then little, then rice, then water etc.
      But honestly it all depends on how much time we all have to work on it.
      Are you part of the children's spiritual formation list? There have been some great discussions on there lately about practical life, with lots of different opinions raised.
      Thanks for your comment and for reading! I'm looking forward to exploring your blogs!


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