Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour of the Atrium: Life of Christ~Easter

This is the area in the Good Shepherd Atrium for 3-6 year olds where we meditate upon Jesus' last days, his death, and resurrection. Over the years, I have really come to love and respect these works, and have been awed by the gentleness of the approach and the deep connections they make possible for the children.

The Last Supper material is one of my favorites in the atrium. With it, children often make their own connections between the loving way Jesus offered himself to his friends just before his death, and the joy and wonder of receiving communion each Sunday in Church. For more on this presentation and pictures of the material, take a look at this post on The Last Supper.

The City of Jerusalem material (on the floor in the foreground of the first photo) is another favorite work. Following in the footsteps of Jesus in his last days seems to help us ponder his death and resurrection without focusing on violence and creating unnecessary anxiety. You can learn more about this work and see photos of it in another post on The City of Jerusalem.

A final work in this area is called the Empty Tomb. This material opens up the joy and power of the resurrection and extends our Easter meditation. You can see pictures of this material as it is found in the True Vine Atrium at this post called Making Connections: Easter.

These works are the focus of Lent and Easter in the Good Shepherd Atrium, but in my experience they are very popular with the children all year long.

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  1. Leslie, I have so enjoyed the virtual tours! Please keep going. I am taking careful notes for when I actually have a permanent room.


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