Sunday, May 8, 2011

Making Connections: Easter

The Empty Tomb material from the True Vine Atrium.
A child made a wonderful connection last Sunday that I have been thinking a lot about. As we were preparing for the Liturgy of Light we had a little conversation about the scripture reading for our celebration. I initially thought it was Matthew's account of the Resurrection and told the children that this was the version which included the guards, who for fear of the angel "shook and became like dead men." (Matt 28:4)**

Several children were marveling at the fact that soldiers are supposed to be brave and yet they passed out when faced with the angel. Meanwhile, the women who came to prepare Jesus for burial didn't! I wondered out loud why that might have been. In response, a third grader said she thought that it must have been because the women were closer to God. Isn't that lovely?

 **We use this scriptural account of the Resurrection in the True Vine Atrium and the children love it, but we actually use a different account for the celebration.


  1. Leslie, where do you get your gorgeous materials from?

  2. Also, children have astounding wisdom, sometimes. Out of the mouths of babes . . . : )

  3. @SheilaHi Sheila, Thanks for your comments! Most of our materials were made by catechists and parishioners. With CGS catechists are encouraged to make materials as a way of connecting more deeply with the scripture and liturgy they represent. A wonderful parishioner, Charlie Buss, made our tomb from wood (it opens up so you can see inside!) and Catechist Lynn Winkelman made these figures from sculpy. I agree with you about the wisdom of children. In this instance, the child was very much the teacher, and I was following a few steps behind... :)


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