Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Golden Thread Atrium

With this post, I'd like to introduce Lynn Winkelman, who is our Level III trained catechist. Lynn is a wise and wonderful catechist and a gifted artist - she has made so many beautiful materials for our atria over the past eight years. Last summer she created nearly all of the materials she will need for her Level III atrium singlehandedly! One of Lynn's strengths is her ability to see and appreciate each child individually.  She is always the first to remember that a child's boredom or misbehavior is an invitation to the catechist to change herself or the environment to meet the needs of the children we are serving.

I've asked Lynn to share a bit about Level III, and what has been happening in her atrium this year!  The Level III atrium includes children in fourth, fifth, and sometimes sixth grade (depending on our Journey to Adulthood schedule).

The Level III Atrium, recently named the Golden Thread Atrium, is in its third year at Christ Church. It is now that the child is developmentally ready to begin the study of the Hebrew Scriptures and the rich theology that is present in these stories. Everything from their earlier atrium time has prepared them for this great undertaking. The major stories are divided over the 3 years they are in Level III. As an example, the first year I presented Creation, The Fall and The Flood. The second year we studied Moses and the Exodus. This third year we worked on Abraham from September until Christmas. We will also undertake a study of the four Major Prophets: Isaiah, Amos, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.


  1. When I hear Greyson talking about the things he's experiencing in the Golden Thread atrium, it makes me want to be a student in there, too!

  2. Ben had two years with LYnn in this atrium and enjoyed his time there. The Golden Thread Atrium is a very special place.

  3. Hi Leslie, I'm so enjoying reading your blog! I've added it to the blog list on Explore and Express, so I hope that others will discover your work as well.: )

  4. I agree with you Deb and Lynette-the Golden Thread Atrium is a wonderful place!Sheila-I'm so glad you are enjoying the blog and thanks for listing it on your great blog "Explore and Express" as well! I enjoyed your post on Lent with children. I'm about to write one along those lines as well!!!! :)


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