Thursday, January 13, 2011

Try This: Epiphany

On a previous blog, Kate commented that she likes ideas that help her to bring the atrium home. I do too, and after reading her comment, I began searching (in my many books and blogs, and in my heart!) for some way to bring the season of Epiphany home this year.  After all, we have the wreath for Advent and the Nativity Scene for Christmas!

I decided to order this star shaped paper lantern with a light inside to hang in our living room during the season of Epiphany. On January 6th, after saying goodbye to the Christmas decorations, we can put up this special star in honor of the light that led the Magi to Jesus on the feast of Epiphany. I love the idea that it will remain throughout the season, until Lent begins, reminding us that Jesus is the light of the world, and helping us to follow Jesus in the season of Epiphany.

Unfortunately I had this brainstorm at noon on January 6th and couldn't find the kind of star I wanted anywhere!  Until the one I've ordered arrives, we are using some paper stars I made as room decorations for my daughter this Christmas. These are easy to make and would be great to use for an Epiphany tradition as well. I learned how to make them on a beautiful blog called The Magic Onions.

On Epiphany, our family read Matthew 2:1-12, which tells about the Magi, and talked a bit about it.  Then we prayed the Collect for Epiphany from the Book of Common Prayer and hung the stars. It was simple but lovely!

I'm hoping to find a way to integrate symbols of all the seasons into our home this year.  As we travel through the Church year together, I'll be sure to share my ideas on the blog.  Is there something you could do to make the season of Epiphany special for your family?  How about hanging a star in the living room, putting a special book from the library on a coffee table, or lighting a pretty white candle at dinner each night?  What will you do?!

Want to learn a bit more about the Season of Epiphany?  Check back soon!


  1. i love this, leslie! and i think the paper stars you made were just perfect for this new tradition. would like to make one this weekend and to continue praying the Epiphany season. beautiful!

  2. I love the stars. Thanks for the creative ideas!


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